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Garden Tours for Groups in the Rococo Garden in Veitshoechheim.

Guided Garden Tour 1 (60mins): The Prince Bishop’s Pleasure Gardens, or “What on earth does it mean??”

A walk along the geometrically arranged pathways provokes the visitor to wonder what the Prince Bishop was thinking of as he created the garden. How did he use it? Why all the small hedged salons? How come it’s mostly hedges and few flowers? Do the statues mean anything? Perhaps you’re not sure what a Prince Bishop is?
In this tour, we’ll turn the clock back to stroll genteelly to all the most interesting features: from the parterre to the Grotto, passing the Theatre and the Indian Pavilions, then make our way to the Grand Finale: the Parnassus Fountain in the Great Lake. As we explore, we shall be transformed from primitive beings, to civilised and cultivated members of Baroque Society.

Guided Garden Tour 2 (60mins): The Prince Bishop ordered it, but it was Gardener who had to create it. The garden from the gardener’s viewpoint.

In this walk, we discover some of the challenges the Master Gardener had to overcome in the 18th century – could you harvest pineapples in your garden? Who was this man with the green fingers and how did he gain his knowledge? We’ll be discussing climate changes and soil-type, and also looking at the problems of historical conservation. “Preservation” of a garden is a battle against nature. We’ll see the kitchen garden, ingeniously trained fruit trees, hedges galore and even a few ornamental flower beds on this stroll of about 1km length.

Guided Garden Tour 3 (60-120mins): Tailor made. A combination of Tours 1 & 2 to suit your interests and schedule.

Is your group interested in the gardening aspects as well as finding out about baroque lifestyle? Compacted versions of the 2 tours can be mixed into a one hour tour, but if you have more time, then we can do one after the other.

More than 25 people?

Some parts of the garden are unsuitable for larger groups. Up to 35 is possible but cramped: ideally the group should be 25 or less. One good solution for bigger groups is to split the group and combine the garden tour with a palace tour (separately bookable through the Palace Department).

Walking difficulties? Wheelchair?

The pathways are of fine, hard-packed, sandy gravel, which is usually not a problem for wheelchairs. There are some steps, but these can be avoided on the tour if necessary. Some places can be muddy after rainy weather.

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