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Terms & Conditions

Dear Guest,
The following 11 paragraphs are the terms and conditions which cover the agreement between you (the Client) and me (the Guide) when you make a booking.

1. Booking and Contract.

A booking can be made by telephone, mail, email or direct. The client must provide a full current address and phone number. The contract between Client and Guide is made upon receipt of the written confirmation from Guide and Client. When the client accepts the booking, he also agrees to these Terms & Conditions.

2. Services

The services covered by the contract are guided tours. The scope of the services is discussed beforehand and detailed in the written booking confirmation.

3. Payment

4. Maximum group size

A walking tour has a maximum of 30pax per group; for goups with their own audio system or for coach tours 50pax. If more people are in the group, then the Guide reserves the right to engage a second Guide, at the cost of the Client. If no suitable second Guide can be found, then I have the right to double the agreed fee.

5. Cancellation.

Cancellations must be made in writing. The following apply to the fee then due:

6. Delayed start.

7. Booking changes

8. Visiting tourist attractions

9.Cancellation by the Guide

The Guide reserves the right to cancel the tour in the case of a serious hindrance (e.g. illness). Every effort will be made to find another suitable guide and avoid cancellation. The Terms remain valid for the second guide.

10. Liability

Guests take part on a tour at their own risk and responsibility. The Guide cannot be held liable for accidents, health problems of the guests or other damage, nor for the actions of third parties.

11. Jurisdiction

Contracts are governed by German Law. Jurisdiction is in Würzburg, Germany.



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