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Wuerzburg - City and Sights

Garden tours in Veitshoechheim are only a small part of my repertoire. Join me for a stroll through the centre of the Franconian capital city of Wuerzburg and discover its rich history.

Make a day of it! How about a Wuerzburg city tour in the morning, lunch at a traditional wine restaurant, and then a relaxing (40 minute) boat trip down river to Veitshoechheim for the garden tour? Let me know your dates and I can help you with ideas.

Walking tours in the old part of the city (2 Hours):

Standard Tour The tour can start anywhere in the old part of town, and can end at a convenient place of your choice. On the menu are all the favourites: Old Bridge, Town Hall, Cathedral, Neumuenster, Market. I have abundant stories to tell... the only problem for me is to try to keep it to only 2 hours!

Walking tour of Würzburg Walking tour of Würzburg Walking tour of Würzburg

"The Robin Hood Connection" - There were once three Irishmen and two Englishmen .... and that's just the beginning of the story. We'll also meet a canny Scotsman and a determined US Soldier in this themed walking tour of the old town. We visit all the "usual" sights, but the stories each have an english twist. You'll be surprised at just how many english-speakers have played important roles in the shaping of Würzburg over the centuries.

"Riemenschneider for everyone" - you don't have to be an art historian to enjoy gothic sculpture. Tilman Riemenschneider lived and worked in Wuerzburg around 1500ad. Museums around the world have examples of his work, but most of them are still in the places for which they were intended: here in Wuerzburg. His story gives insights into the peculiarities of Mediaeval life.

"Conquering the mighty Castle" - The Marienberg Fortress (1 ½ Hours)

"An audience with the Prince Bishop" - The Residenz, UNESCO World Heritage Site (up to 2 Hours)

A visit to the 18th century barock palace of the rulers of Franconia. Most of the tour is of the wonderfully decorated interior with its magnificent ceiling frescoes by Tiepolo and crazy stucco by Antonio Bossi. If enough time remains, we may spend 20 minutes in the garden or visit the Court Church. If the palace is not busy, it can be done in an hour.

Accompanied Cycling along the River Main (3 hours)

A leisurely ride along the dedicated cycle track takes you to delightful wine-growing villages away from the bustle of Wuerzburg. No stress, no hills! It depends on the wishes and speed of the group how much free time we have at our destination. Bring your own bike.
House vines in Sommerhausen Timber framed houses Old Town Gateway

Wuerzburg to Sommerhausen and back. A quaint walled village off the tourist track. There are cafés and a biergarten for those who aren't exploring the cobblestoned alleys.

Wuerzburg to Veitshoechheim and back. A popular destination for locals and visitors, but rarely crowded. I could show you my favourite rococo garden, or you can relax at a café or biergarten.

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